Battery Operated Silvery Centerpiece Decorations

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  • Product dimensions: 2 x 0.9 x 0.2 inches
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Product description

Note: To satisfy market demand, We have upgraded from 3.5ft lights to 7ft lights in 29th October. 48 hours of continuous work, beautiful packaging.

Waterproof: With an IP55 rating, the silvery copper wire are waterproof and can be immersed into water with vivid lights stays. You can wrap it around the plants or swings in your back yard, or any other places suitable. Note:The battery can’t submerge.You can use them in light rainy day.

Safe and secure: Its enameled silvery copper wire and low current ensures that the silvery copper wire is insulated and won’t be overheat. You and your family can fully enjoy the lights without worrying about being hurt.
Versatile: The lights are truly adorable and add an exquisite contribution to your home decoration. You can easily shape it in all kinds of creative ways. Say, you can hang it to your desks, dressers, beds, cabinets, bathrooms, patios and many more places to create a soft romantic atmosphere.

Durable: Each battery Compartment has added An extra resistor, limiting current and thus prolong the battery life to over 48 hours when in continuous lighting.You can change the battery and reusable.

Ready to use: With 6pcs 7ft cooper wire light and Gift Box, you can enjoy the adorable lights right away without worries.

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Battery Operated Silvery Centerpiece Decorations has a review score of 4.5 stars out of 5. Has been reviewed 1,072 times and users are talking about: bright, batteries, centerpieces, mason, jars, lasted, jar, looked, glass, lighting, vases, reception, touch, hide, strands, switch, replace, center, lanterns, sets.

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