Bodhi Spirit Natural Agarwood Incense

Bodhi Spirit Natural Agarwood Incense
Bodhi Spirit Natural Agarwood Incense Sticks – 11 inch – 68 Sticks – 200 grams

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  • Product brand: Bodhi Spirit
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  • Product name: Bodhi Spirit Natural Agarwood Incense Sticks – 11 inch – 68 Sticks – 200 grams
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  • Manufacturer: Fisco Inc

Product description

✌✌✌ The Bodhi Spirit™ Incense are completely blended and rolled in Vietnam and one of the finest fragrances you will come across. We NEVER take the short route to produce them in large numbers in very short span of time, instead of that we follow stricly all tradional proceduces to make the finest incense which takes around a week to complete. Bodhi Spirit™ Incense Sticks are not just good, they are the best ✌✌✌


♥ Worshipping in many religious.

♥ To practice yoga or to meditate.

♥ To encourage emotional release.

♥ To deepen spirituality.

♥ To get inspired.

♥ To heal or soothe.

♥ And to waft the beautiful fragrance in your house and all around.

Our incense sticks are made from a mixture of herbs, resins, woods, and oils. This allows our incense to deliver the purest, cleanest burn, and crystal clear fragrances on the market. Each of our proprietary scents have been carefully crafted over the years to provide a distinct, pleasant experience.

Aloeswood / Agarwood Information

Aloeswood is the resinous wood from the Aquilaria tree, an evergreen tree native to Vietnam, northern India, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia. It is a very popular ingredient in Vietnamese and Japanese incense and is often used in Traditional Chinese, Unanai, Ayurvedic, and Tibetan medicine.

The trees frequently become infected with a parasite fungus or mold, Phialophora parasitica, and begin to produce an aromatic resin, in response to this attack. It is this precious resinous wood that is treasured around the world. Today the resin is commonly called Jinko, Aloeswood, Agarwood, and Oud. The resin created as a natural immune response makes the most sacred oil on the planet. The wood is extremely rare and often very difficult to obtain, as well as being quite expensive.

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