Cheese Knives BlizeTec Slicer Cutter

Cheese Knives: BlizeTec Cheese Slicer & Cutter Set (4 pcs)

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Product key features

  • ✅4-IN-1 CHEESE KNIFE SET: The set consists of 3 unique specialty cheese knives and 1 serving fork to handle hard, firm, semisoft and crumbly cheese.
  • ✅SLEEK DESIGN AND PRACTICAL: BlizeTec Cheese slicer set is uniquely design to entertain your families and guests. A must-have for anyone who enjoy kitchen gadgets and dining gifts.
  • ✅LIGHT WEIGHT YET PERFECT SIZE: The 4 pieces cheese knife set only weight 5.82 oz and measure 5.3 inches in length. They are light weight and easy to store in your kitchen cabinet.
  • ✅DURABLE AND MAINTENANCE FREE: The entire knives are made of 420 stainless steel (Blade and handle); Durable yet perfect for all occassions (Recommended hand wash only)
  • ✅QUALITY ASSURANCE: BlizeTec cheese knives come with a lifetime warranty with proof of purchase ONLY directly from BlizeTec on Amazon
  • Cheese Knives BlizeTec Slicer Cutter is an original product by BlizeTec


Product information

  • Suggested price: 16.99$ » click for offer
  • Product brand: BlizeTec
  • Availability: check stock
  • Product name: Cheese Knives: BlizeTec Cheese Slicer & Cutter Set (4 pcs)
  • Product dimensions: 5.3 x 1 x 2 inches
  • Item weight: 5.8 ounces
  • Shipping weight: 9.6 ounces
  • Manufacturer: BlizeTec

Product description


BlizeTec 4 pcs cheese knife set is specially designed for cheese enthusiast. Made of 420 stainless steels and design to cut and slice your cheese to perfection. The authentic design makes this cheese tool BT387CK an ideal gift for cheese lovers. It is also a nice addition to your cutlery & knife accessories.

Key Features and Benefits

* Specially Cheese tools for those who loves cheese
* Sturdy stainless steel blade and handle
* 3 different knives with 1 fork to handle different types of cheese
* 100% hassle free & back by a lifetime warranty

The ONLY Cheese Knive Set You Need!

With BlizeTec cheese knives, you can handle all types of cheese with ease, from cheddar to aged parmesan cheese. Engineered by BlizeTec kitchen knife experts, each piece of knife is designed to handle various types of cheese. The pointed blade is for breaking hard cheese, the long narrow knife is for semihard cheese, and the wide blade is for crumbly soft cheese. The cheese fork is for cheese holding while cutting block of cheese. Regardless you are cutting or slicing cheese, you will find that BT387CK is your best companion. The product comes with BlizeTec uncompromised lifetime warranty against any manufacturer defect. Don’t wait, invest in this quality cheese knife set for a lifetime.


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Cheese Knives BlizeTec Slicer Cutter has a review score of 4.3 stars out of 5. Has been reviewed 183 times and users are talking about: knife, stainless, fork, steel, cut, kitchen, cheeses, cutting, sharp, handles, serving, handle, blade, cheddar, lightweight, dishwasher, wash, crumbly, narrow, packaging.

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