Geff House VLVT RNG Black Velvet

Black Velvet Ring Box

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Product key features

  • Beautiful Black Velvet Exterior Finish
  • Soft Velvet ring insert
  • Showcase Your Jewelry & Gift in this Exquisite Box
  • Jewelry Not Included
  • Geff House VLVT RNG Black Velvet is an original product by Geff House


Product information

Product description

The perfect box to present your gift or showcase your jewelry in. This box has a soft velvet exterior and black lining on the interior.Packaged in a white cardboard box.

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User feedback

Geff House VLVT RNG Black Velvet has a review score of 4.3 stars out of 5. Has been reviewed 218 times and users are talking about: engagement, holds, yes, wedding, rings, hinge, pocket, elegant, slot, proposal, jeweler, tight, nicely, straight, angle, looked, boxes, pop, classic, surprise.

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