Raw Steel Unpainted Word Art

Raw Steel Unpainted Word Art – Infinity

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Product information

  • Product brand: 81 Metal Art
  • Availability: check stock
  • Product name: Raw Steel Unpainted Word Art – Infinity

Product description

You and me for infinity! This beautiful bare metal sign is ready to paint! 18×6″ in size. This word art is cut from steel about as thick as a nickel. This do-it-yourself raw steel sign is coated with an oily film to prevent rust during transit. We recommend lacquer based paint thinner, acetone, automotive brake cleaner or solvent based wax & grease remover to clean the oily film off of the sign before painting. Sanding with a 220 grit or finer sand paper or using a scotch brite pad to scuff the surface of the metal will greatly enhance paint adhesion. Spray paint with primer is an easy coating for this type of sign. We do not recommend water-based paint on raw steel products as it can cause rust instead of preventing it. Always paint the back side first, so that the front will not be placed down after painting. Signs can be hung with commercial grade double-sided tape or you can use small finish nails through the openings in letters. We hope to provide you with a great starter piece for a fun project! Check out youtube.com for inspiration on custom paint projects! With time and exposure to moisture the sign will rust if not painted. Signs are ready to ship.

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