Santo Incense STICKS APPROX inches

Santo Incense STICKS APPROX inches
Palo Santo Holy Wood Incense 40 (STICKS APPROX) 1/2 lb SIZE BAG(4+inches long)

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Product information

  • Product brand: palosanto
  • Availability: check stock
  • Product name: Palo Santo Holy Wood Incense 40 (STICKS APPROX) 1/2 lb SIZE BAG(4+inches long)
  • Manufacturer: ecuador

Product description

Ships from Miami, USA LISTING IS FOR 40 (STICKS APPROX) 1/2 lb LB SIZE BAG FRESH PALO SANTO INCENSE STICKS just imported from Manabí- Ecuador , Southamerica. Stick Measure: 4.3 Inches / 10.16 cm. long by 0.4 Inches / 1cm. thickness approximately each stick. This Palo Santo stick is the best, first quality ,organic, hand harvested and handcrafted Palo Santo Stick you can find. BURSERA GRAVEOLENS ( Scientific Name) Item Details Product: Premium Quality Incense Sticks 40(STICKS APPROX)1/2 lb SIZE BAG We are direct sellers. This is t for our great prices. PALO SANTO HOLY WOOD (Bursera Graveolens) best quality incense stick is a natural organic incense with no chemicals or oils added, this wood is taken from sacred trees found in the tropical dry forests of Ecuador, its aroma is unique and incomparable. Common uses of Palo Santo: The Shamans in Ecuador and all over Southamerica use the smoke of this wood for cleansing the energy of a person or a place, specially in ceremonies in the jungle. Everyone in Ecuador knows that if you burn palo santo in your house , it will be blessed by the good energies,, good for you, your family, your projects. The smell of the Palo Santo puts you in a good meditative state. Drinking the tea of this wood is good for stimulating the immune system and fighting inflammation. Burning dried wood from the “mystical” palo santo tree and collecting its concentrated oils have been widely used in folk medicines and by shamans (“medicine men”) for centuries because of the tree’s perceived spiritual applications. The wood from palo santo trees is also commonly burnt as incense and used to make a natural mosquito repellent (like citronella oil) because it possesses aromatic resins and volatile oils. Burned similarly to other incense by lighting shavings of palo santo wood, the smell keeps bugs and spiritual “bad energy” away, according to mystics. Palo Santo Benefits Immunity and Lowers Inflammation fast and free shpping

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