Suncast GDS200D Garden Scooter

Suncast GDS200D Garden Scooter
Suncast GDS200D Garden Scooter

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Product information

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  • Product brand: Suncast
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  • Product name: Suncast GDS200D Garden Scooter
  • Item weight: 9 pounds
  • Shipping weight: 9 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Suncast

Product description

Product description

Gardening provides its own rewards but it can also be uncomfortable, which makes this handy garden scooter a great gardening companion. It provides 8.5 gallons of rolling storage space and doubles as a comfortable gardening seat. It includes a small accessories bin for gathering produce or organizing supplies, along with a pull strap for easy transportation around the yard. The foam cushions can also be removed and used as a kneeling pad. And this scooter even has a pair of cup holders. Fully assembled with resin construction; overall dimensions are 12.25in.L x 22.5in.W x 13in.H. U.S.A.

From the Manufacturer

This scooter is ideal for anyone that desires convenience in the great outdoors as it carries all of your you gardening supplies. The Garden Scooter keeps all gardening supplies in on convenient place. Foam cushion provides comfort while sitting or can be removed for use as a kneeling pad. It includes 2 drink holders and a small bin inside for gathering produce or organizing supplies. Product dimensions: 12.25-Inch by 22.5-Inch by 13-Inch.

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Suncast GDS200D Garden Scooter has a review score of 4.2 stars out of 5. Has been reviewed 426 times and users are talking about: sit, tools, seat, gardening, cart, pull, storage, pad, strap, wheels, yard, knee, weeding, holds, sitting, handy, weigh, move, cushion, lbs.

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