Adarl Acrylic Stickers Removable Decoration

Adarl Acrylic Stickers Removable Decoration

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Adarl Acrylic Stickers Removable Decoration

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Product key features

  • 1*Ideal DIY Wall Mirror Sticker:Fully enrich your artistic imagination and create a harmony, peaceful and romantic home for your loved.
  • 2*Safe and Waterproof: This acrylic wall decor is non-toxic, non-friable, environmental protection and anti-corrosion. It is as clear and reflective as class mirror, but not sharp and fragile without any damaging.
  • 3*Removable: The wall mirrors decorative sticker can be easy to paste and removed without harm to your wall. There is a protective film which is used to protect the surface. Please peel it off before using.
  • 4*Light Weight: Our mirror decals can be fixed easily by provided double sided adhesive and also portable as a decorative mirror.
  • 5*Wide Application: It is ideal to decorate different occasions like TV backdrop, Sofa Wall, Window, Door, Closet, Freezer, Cabinet, Tiles, Nursery, Bathroom, Bedroom and Office.
  • Adarl Acrylic Stickers Removable Decoration is an original product by Adarl


Product information

  • Suggested price: 4.05$ » click for offer
  • Product brand: Adarl
  • Availability: check stock
  • Product name: Adarl 24pcs Modern Home Decor 3D Acrylic Mirror Round Wall Stickers Removable Art Decals Mural Living Room Office Decoration
  • Manufacturer: Adarl

Product description

Matterial:Acrylic (specially treated plexiglass)
Thickness: 1.2mm

Cobblestone (Sliver) A
Quantity:1 Set (12Pcs)

Round (Sliver) B
Size:(Dia.) 10cm/3.94inch,8cm/3.15inch,5cm/1.97inch.
Quantity:1 Set (24Pcs)

Feather (Gold/Sliver/Black) C
Quantity:1 PC

Circle (Sliver/Black) A
Min Size: (Dia.) 3.6 cm / 1.42inch
Max Size: (Dia.) 13.6 cm / 2.35inch
Quantity:1 Set (24Pcs)

Floral (Sliver) B
Quantity:1 Set (5Pcs)

Round Stones (Sliver) C
Max Round Dia: (Dia.) 8.2cm/3.23inch
Min Round Dia: (Dia.) 3.3cm/1.30inch
Quantity:1 Set (30Pcs)

Butterfly (Sliver) E
Quantity:1 Set (25Pcs)

Sun (Sliver) F
Round:(Dia.) 16cm/6.30inch
Installed Size:45*45cm/17.72inch
Quantity:1 Set (36Pcs)

Bubble (Gold/Sliver) G
Quantity:1 Set (31Pcs)

Heart (Gold/Sliver/Black) H
Quantity:1 Set (16Pcs)

Irregular (Gold/Sliver) A
Size: 20*20cm / 7.87*7.87 inch
Quantity:1 Set (7Pcs)

Floral (Gold/Sliver) B
Quantity:1 Set (10Pcs)

Hexagonal (Sliver) C
Quantity:1 Set (12Pcs)

Symbol (Gold/Sliver/Black) D
Quantity:1 Set (10Pcs)

Simple steps mounting:
1. remove the mirror from the packaging;
2. remove the protective film before mounting the mirror;
3. remove the paper backing from the strong adhesive tape provided;
4. choose your area and stick on.

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