Any States Love Wedding Gift

Any States Love Wedding Gift

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Any States Love Wedding Gift

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Product information

  • Product brand: Embie Design
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  • Product name: Any Two States Love Wedding Gift - Unframed - Personalized State Natural Series Custom Location Modern Art Print Long Distance Map Art Engagement Bridal Shower Gift

Product description

Love knows no distance! This is a custom print of two states of your choosing from our Natural Series. Tell us your cities and states and have a custom print to tell your love story! These prints are available in eight different natural images and with any two states or countries you'd like! The natural series textures and images are from our own travels and even one is from our backyard! A dotted line connects two locations on the map.

All our prints are digitally perfected by us and printed using professional equipment in our home office. These are ART PRINTS - made from paper.

Prints are printed on high quality art paper using professional grade art printers with a margin (white boarder) for ease when framing.

THIS LISTING IS FOR AN ART PRINT ONLY - items shown in pictures are for staging inspiration only - they will be mailed UNFRAMED.

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