Big Joe Filled Comfort Sierra

Big Joe Filled Comfort Sierra

$ 145.99

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Big Joe Filled Comfort Sierra

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Product key features

  • Filled with super spongy and long lasting, upcycled Fuf foam to make this chair as Earth-Friendly as it is happy-body-friendly
  • Re-Fuf by fluffing it up again and again over time to refresh its cushiness
  • Ships in a box a fraction of its size and will expand to its full, glorious size over time
  • Designed and Filled in the USA
  • Approximately 6 ft of cozy length
  • Big Joe Filled Comfort Sierra is an original product by Big Joe


Product information

  • Suggested price: 145.99$ » click for offer
  • Product brand: Big Joe
  • Availability: check stock
  • Product name: Big Joe XL Fuf Foam Filled Bean Bag Chair, Comfort Suede, Sierra Red
  • Product dimensions: 72 x 48 x 36 inches
  • Item weight: 52 pounds
  • Shipping weight: 52 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Big Joe

Product description

This is it – the chair that brought Bean Bags out of the 70’s and into the new millennia, the one and only: the Big Joe Fuf Chair. So you might be asking, what in the world IS a Fuf? And how do I even say it?! Well the Fuf (pronounced FOOF), is a patented, one-of-a-kind seat not to be mistaken for your average bean bag chair (trust us, we know - we make those, too!) If you’re looking for a big, long-lasting, cushy, lounge-around chair, you’ve come to the right place. Filled with a mix of shredded foam and memory foam, the Fuf can be fluffed again and again to continuously bring it back to its full, cushy potential, just like your favorite pillow. The Fuf Chair ships in a box a fraction of its size, but fear not, it will expand over time. It can take up to 7 days to grow to its full size, and boy, will it grow. This XL Fuf chair is a mighty presence at a near 6 ft long, and 65 pounds. So go ahead, fluff it up, and sink into the glorious comfort that is the Big Joe Fuf. Spot Clean Only.

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User feedback

Big Joe Filled Comfort Sierra has a review score of 3.6 stars out of 5. Has been reviewed 4,260 times and users are talking about: huge, sit, comfy, smell, fluff, bed, pieces, memory, sitting, floor, shape, move, lumpy, sleep, couch, space, fabric, chunks, beanbag, filling.

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