Cotton Craft Overstuffed Papasan Chocolate

Cotton Craft Overstuffed Papasan Chocolate

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Cotton Craft Overstuffed Papasan Chocolate

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Product key features

  • Our thick and comfy Papasan cushion is made from soft 100% Cotton duck fabric and fits a standard 45 inch round Papasan chair. The cushion is filled with soft polyester and about 4 to 5 inches thick
  • The 100% cotton fabric is soft yet extremely durable for long wear. Style - Circle Floral Chocolate Multi.
  • The cushion is perfect for dorms, dens, or just about anywhere you want to be snug and comfortable
  • Due to tight packing in a carton, the cushion may appear to be slightly irregular. Minor adjustment will restore cushion to original form.
  • Spot Clean only. Chair not included.
  • Cotton Craft Overstuffed Papasan Chocolate is an original product by Cotton Craft


Product information

  • Product brand: Cotton Craft
  • Availability: check stock
  • Product name: Cotton Craft Overstuffed Round Papasan Cushion, Floral Chocolate
  • Item weight: 13.27 pounds
  • Shipping weight:
  • Manufacturer: Orient Originals Inc.

Product description

Our super soft thick Papasan cushions are extremely comfortable. They are filled with comfortable 100% polyester. We take extra care and overfill the cushions so you can simply sink into them. Our range of colorful prints and vibrant solid colors will dress up your Papasan chair very nicely.

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