DELICORE Decorative Illuminated Letter Marquee

DELICORE Decorative Illuminated Letter Marquee

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1. Create a warm and romantic atmosphere with warm white LED lights.
2. Used as everyday home decor, great for mantel, picture window, yard or as photo/set props.
3. An attention grabber and draw eyes as the apex of your wedding, party, special event, etc.

Portable & Versatile

1. Cordless battery operated, safe and convenient with ON and OFF switch on the back.
2. Integrated hanging hook holes for ease of display on wall or just rest on mantle, self, table or dresser.
3. Can be displayed standalone or combined with other pieces to create an eclectic lighting installation.

Durable & Energy-Saving & Economic

1. LED bulb produces no heat after long-time use.
2. Plastic exterior, sturdy but not too heavy.


Letter Light£º22.5*17*4.5cm

Power: 2*AA batteries (not included)
Color: black Material: plastic
Bulb: Warm white LEDs
Life span: More than 50000 hours
Installation: wall mountable or free standing

Indoor use, home or holiday decoration
Requires no outlet, uses 2AA batteries so no sloppy looking cord (not include batteries)
Can hang on wall or place on someplace of flat surface

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