EPAuto Radiator Coolant Filling Funnel

EPAuto Radiator Coolant Filling Funnel

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EPAuto Radiator Coolant Filling Funnel

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Product key features

  • Allows color matching of caps for dedicated adapters.
  • Cooling System fill kit prevents spills and trapped air. Trapped air pockets may cause erratic cooling system and heater performance.
  • 5” Extension Bar and 45° Elbow allow access to caps under shrouds or at an angle.
  • Patents Pending
  • EPAuto Radiator Coolant Filling Funnel is an original product by EPAuto


Product information

  • Suggested price: 19.87$ » click for offer
  • Product brand: EPAuto
  • Availability: check stock
  • Product name: EPAuto Spill Proof Radiator Coolant Filling Funnel Kit
  • Shipping weight: 1 pounds
  • item weight: 1 pounds
  • package dimensions: 7.9 x 7.6 x 7.3 inches
  • manufacturer part number: aq-001-1
  • folding: no

Product description

Warning: Do not open cap if radiator is hot! Hot fluid can erupt and cause burns.

Package Includes:

• Lid
• Funnel
• 45 Degree Elbow x 2
• Fluid Stopper
• 5 inches Straight Extension
• Large Cap A
• Medium Cap B
• Small Cap C
• Threaded Cap D
• Large Adapter A with Gasket
• Medium Adapter B with Gasket
• Small Adapter C with Gasket
• Threaded Cap Adapter D with Gasket for GM
• Threaded Cap Adapter E with Gasket for Ford


1. First install the correct sized adapter into the correct cap. Place the gasket in a downward position. Tighten the cap with adaptor to make sure it doesn’t leak.
2. If 45° elbow or extension needed, place the funnel after elbow or extension is placed well into the adapter opening.
3. Fill funnel slowly and carefully with coolant about 1/3 full.
4. When run the engine with funnel attached, fluid level should be at low position. Keep RPM on idle position. (Shut down the engine if notice the fluid level rise excessively. Wait for fluid level go lower before restarting the engine.)
5. Use Fluid Stopper for remaining fluid inside the funnel to flow to the radiator hose by squeeze it and release.
6. After finish, remove the funnel ( and or extension/elbow) & adapter, close the radiator with cap tightly.

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