HOMFY Blackout Curtains Insulated Resistant

HOMFY Blackout Curtains Insulated Resistant

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All-matching Colors
Three different colors, black, dark grey and blue. Those are feasible for all kinds of home decoration styles and provide with a harmonious environment. Both sides are the same solid color to strengthen its blackout effect and works well.

Reversible & Dust Resistant
Made of high quality microfiber with soft touching and wrinkle resistant features. Install HOMFY blackout curtains to decorate your home with clean, tidy and classic feelings, there is no need to worry about sticky ash panels would make you unhappy.

Invisible Home Guardian
These set of curtains can block almost 95% sunshine from outside world and make your room dark and cool in the day time. Prevent your furniture and floors from long hours of direct sunlight and then extend their long time usage and durability.

Quality Sleep Companion
These blackout panels can prevent almost over 95% sunlight sink into our house, and create a quiet and relax sleeping environment for your and your families. Make sure that you all have a good rest and full of energy during the day time.

24-month Warranty
If you have any quality problems about this set of panels, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service support by email or HOMFY Official Social Media for FULL REFUND or RETURN .

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