Inspiria Natural Pearlized Abalone California

Inspiria Natural Pearlized Abalone California

$ 14.50

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Inspiria Natural Pearlized Abalone California

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Product key features

  • Space Cleansing
  • All Natural
  • Perfect for Sacred Ceremony
  • Revitalizes Negative and Stagnant Energy
  • Supports Transition and Change
  • Inspiria Natural Pearlized Abalone California is an original product by Inspiria


Product information

  • Suggested price: 14.50$ » click for offer
  • Product brand: Inspiria
  • Availability: check stock
  • Product name: Inspiria Sage Smudge Kit with Natural 5-6” Pearlized Abalone Shell, 6” Wooden Tripod Stand and Organic California White Sage Smudge Stick
  • Item weight: 11.7 ounces
  • Shipping weight: 11.4 ounces
  • Manufacturer: Juan Milland Caraballo

Product description

The Inspiria Smudge Kit contains:

1- Organic California White Sage bound smudge stick - all-natural - (4-5” long)

1- 6” Wooden Tripod cobra stand, collapsible for easy transport

1- Abalone Shell - beautifully pearlized and naturally heat-proof, to catch ashes and extinguish smudge stick

1- Set of Simple Smudging Instructions

Ideal times to smudge are:

-clearing out the energy of previous tenants when moving into a new space

-any time of transition or change

-times of sacred ceremony, like weddings and wakes

-before and after having important or difficult conversations with a partner

-when you begin something new

-before meditation or yoga

-after travel or stressful situations

You Too Can Smudge!

Smudging is an ancient and sacred ceremony to cleanse and revitalize negative and stagnant energy in your home, office, ceremonial space, and around your body.
It has been used by American indigenous cultures for centuries to call upon ancestral spirits and absorb negative energy and sickness.
The smoke of burning sage changes the ionic composition of the air, purifying and opening both physical space and one’s own personal energy field.

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Inspiria Natural Pearlized Abalone California has been added to chTables on 1 January 1970

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