Nicaraguan Pottery 6 5 inch Carved Vase

Nicaraguan Pottery 6 5 inch Carved Vase

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Nicaraguan Pottery 6 5 inch Carved Vase

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Product key features

  • Designed and handcrafted by Nicaraguan potters
  • Etched and painted by hand; photos show different sides of the same vase
  • Highly collectible, artisan quality; not for use with water
  • Due to handcrafting, variations and minor imperfections should be anticipated
  • 5" x 6.5" (DxH); signed by the artist
  • Nicaraguan Pottery 6 5 inch Carved Vase is an original product by Mundo Village


Product information

  • Product brand: Mundo Village
  • Availability: check stock
  • Product name: Nicaraguan Pottery 6.5-inch Carved Owl Vase
  • Item weight: 1.45 pounds
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  • Manufacturer: Mundo Village

Product description

Some of the world's most distinctive pottery is created in San Juan de Oriente, Nicaragua, a small village nestled among volcanos alongside a picturesque lagoon. In a typical village scene, you're likely to see ox carts delivering clay and other materials to the various workshops. The clay is thrown on a kick wheel to form the shape, then painted using mineral oxides. In the next step, the pieces are carved, sgraffito style, using homemade tools typically fashioned from the spokes of a bicycle wheel.

Once the carving is finished, the objects are baked in a wood-burning kiln constructed from adobe bricks. Polishing completes the creative process. The final product is a truly beautiful object, the result of many hours of loving labor at the hands of gifted artisans. Due to handcrafting, variations should be expected and add to the originality of each piece.

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